Hydrangea Tree

Planting and Using a Hydrangea Tree

A Hydrangea tree is a popular choice among many seeking to spruce up their home landscaping plans. Proper planting can help ensure a long life and proper growth while poor choices early on can lead to problems that last for the lifetime of the tree.

Below is some advice and tips about the properly planting and caring for a Hydrangea tree.


A Hydrangea tree cannot grow without sunlight. If you plant your tree in an area that is mostly shaded, the tree is not going to do well. How much sunlight the tree can stand will depend on your location. If you live in a warmer climate, more shade is best. If you live in a colder climate, then the tree will prefer more sunlight.

If you are unsure about exactly how much shade is best in your area, you might want to check with the experts at a nursery near you. They will be familiar with growing plants and trees in your climate and will be able to give you the best advice.


The soil in which you plant your Hydrangea tree must drain well. Of course, high quality soil is preferred, but it’s not required. If, however, the soil that you choose will not drain well, then you should add some organic material in order to help it in the draining process.


You should plant the tree in a place where it will receive plenty of rainwater. Once the tree is mature, you will probably not need to water it unless your area experiences a drought. In the first couple of years after planting, however, you will probably need to add water.

Of course, the exact advice will depend on the type of Hydrangea tree that you choose. There are many varieties available and each produces a unique colorful bloom. While a few find these flowers to be a bit boring and overused, many enjoy using them in a variety of ways.

The blooms even make a wonderful addition to holiday decorations. In fact, this year in the White House, dried hydrangeas adorned several of Christmas trees throughout the President’s home, including the one located in the Oval Office.

Both fresh and dried Hydrangeas look wonderful in arrangements and in a variety of decorative uses, such as the aforementioned Christmas tree.

Of course, you will need to plan ahead if you want to use dried Hydrangea in your holiday décor. You will need to collect and begin the drying process when the flowers are at their best. It is best to dry them using a rack method. Place the flowers upside down in a cool and dark room. Because the blooms can be fragile after drying, do not move them too much until you are ready to place them on your tree.

The Hydrangea tree can add color and beauty to your outdoor landscaping and that beauty can be brought indoors as well.

Learn how to best care for a Hydrangea tree in your climate. With proper care, your Hydrangea tree can provide years of enjoyment.



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